Ashley Hillock - Downtown Tampa

I'm getting married in only two short months, and I cannot believe we are so close! There are so many exciting things on the rise for me and Nathan. One of those things is moving to a new city (Birmingham, AL - YAY). Although we are excited its hard to imagine starting over in a new city; having to find new jobs, new friends, and a new church is a little overwhelming). 

Since I have two months left in this city, I have been trying to shoot more. Before I go I want to make sure I capture all of its beauty for my personal records / your viewing pleasure (I mean, just look at her). So I have been recruiting some of Tampa's biggest babes, AKA all my girlfriends to let me take their photo.

I bumped into Ashley earlier in the day and was explaining to her how excited I was about all of my new photography equipment and without hesitation asked if she would let me take her photo. Thankfully, she excitedly said yes! so we made plans to meet later in the day in downtown Tampa to explore and shoot. 


It was such an incredible day to take photos. The sun was setting, and as you can probably guess it was incredibly hot (surprise, surprise). So we kept it very short but made sure to take advantage of the quickly fleeting "golden hour." In order to keep the sweating to a minimum, we only spent a total of 30 minutes taking photos. Although it was a quick little shoot, I am really happy with the results. I want to get better and I know the only way to do that is my taking more photos. 

Please keep your eyes peeled for more posts coming soon. I want to incorporate some more of my favorite spots in this beautiful city, and probably more of my beautiful friends. Practice makes us better, and I want to always keep improving. My future plans wont work unless I do; so thats what I plan to do -- work.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Now, let me take your photo!


Amanda Mastrapa

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