Storyline Photo Booth - Update #1




Hey friends, 

Thank you so much for checking in. This update has been so long overdue but we have been working so hard on finishing the trailer for the official launch we haven't even really thought about the fact we should be sharing this process with you all!

As of right now the trailer is a lighter blue teal color as you will see if the photos below; we have been brainstorming a bunch trying to figure out what color to paint it or figuring out weather or not we are going to leave it the color it currently is and just refreshing the paint. We didn't seem to be able to get on the same page about the color but we then decided going with the colors of our logo would be the best so that we could keep the color scheme consistent.

As you see on the right here, Nathan did some super cool drawings on the iPad Pro we bought for the Photo Booth and being able to see a mock up of what it would look like really helped us decide on the final color! 

We would love your feedback as well as what you think about the color, initially we were unsure about it but after a while of sitting on the color we were really happy with the final result. 


IMG_0053 copy.png

When we first bought the trailer we had no idea how much work we were going to have to put in to it, we demolished everything that was inside, took down all the walls and insulation in oder to find any water damage or structural issues going on. Luckily, there was only a few spots that needed help, but at the end we were left with a completely empty shell. Which is awesome because we can make sure its structurally sound for the future but that also means, new insulation, new floors, new walls - new everything. Which not only takes a lot of work but also a lot of time and money. Both of which we don't have a lot of lol.

We have committed to the process and have been as patient as possible and working our butts off every moment we can! We have all of the material we need to finish the build out. And all of the equipment we will need for the actual Photo Booth which is a HUGE deal, we are just limited on the time we have to finish because we only have 1 day a week we can work on the trailer and the trailer is 1 hour away from our home making it hard to do any addition work.

Above you can see the reason why a new paint job is necessary; there is chipping in many areas of the trailer. We have also patched up quite a few holes in the exterior (the black spots you see in the images) which we will need to sand and paint over as well. 

The latest big accomplishment has been finishing electrical, (almost) finishing insulation, and weather coating and putting all new base for the wood floors we will be adding at the very end! All we have left to do is put up the walls and wood floors and we are done. I can't really even believe that. Its been such a long time coming and we have put in so much hard work (literal blood, sweat and tears). 

Naturally, I CANNOT wait to get to the decorating stage and get to a place where I make it look exactly how I've always imagined it to look. We are so close to launching. We have talked so much about this time and how exciting it will be and it doesn't feel real that we are so close.

We have literally put all that we have into making this dream come to fruition and we are so thankful for all of your love and support! <3 

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