"For us, the love of coffee was birthed out of our initial and natural draw to cafe culture - sharing couches and tables with people around us, sparking up conversations with perfect strangers, and dreaming up adventures."

- Commune + Co.

Joel Davis is a Tampa local who's love for the community, has fostered his love for coffee. Over the past couple of years Joel has played a huge role in the coffee culture of Tampa. Although Joel was involved in the coffee industry for years prior, in 2013 his vision for Commune + Co arose and he started the company, and it was only shortly after (April 2014) that he had this beautiful coffee trike built to supply all of tampa with his coffee goodness.

If the trike wasn't cool enough already, the coffee itself is incredibly unique. Creating an entirely new brewing method, Joel pioneered the brew process in such a way that allows them to highlight some incredible characteristics of already amazing coffees. You wont find anything that compares. 

Commune + Co is working hard to grow the community and culture of coffee in Tampa by coming together with quality roasters from across the country to make exceptional coffees available locally. Currently, Ruby Coffee Roasters is the only roaster they are working with, although they are working hard to add a second quality roaster from the east coast.  Right now they are rotating between Kenya Gatuyaini, Ethiopia Guji Uraga, and Colombia San Jose de Inza.

Joel has currently been working on an amazing event that will be bringing together so many coffee lovers, local baristas, and coffee involved companies. Florida Aeropress Competition - A Thursday Night Throwdown, is one event that all of the local coffee community is really looking forward to (happening on Thursday, May 14 7:00pm-10:00pm @ Coppertail Brewing Co). It is going to be a night where people can come and showcase their unique and tasty cups of aeropressed coffee. There will be 3 judges and one head judge, all people who are knowledgable and experienced in brewing with the Aeropress. Although this is a competition, its purpose is to bring people together in the name of coffee. 

I am so inspired by people like Joel who are passionate about what they are doing, and using their gifts and talents to positively impact the community. I am thankful to be surrounded by so many amazing and talented people, and I am very excited to be featuring many of them here in the near future. Check out Joel and Commune + Co on Instagram, and stay posted because there are so many awesome things on the rise for them! 

As always, thank you so much for reading and have an incredible Wednesday! xx Amanda

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