About 4 months ago I packed up everything I owned and moved from the very fast paced, vibrant Miami to Tampa, Florida. So many of my friends were so confused as to what on earth I was thinking. I kept hearing that Tampa is so boring and with nothing to do, but wanting to be closer to my boyfriend I decided to make the move anyways.

As soon as I moved here I fell in love with everything that Tampa had to offer. There are so many things to do here and it is far from boring. Being that it is a much smaller and slower paced city, it has a much stronger sense of "home." 

Oxford Exchange is one of my favorite places in this city. "Oxford Exchange was hand-built, using materials from over a dozen countries. Italian marble, reclaimed white oak, leather panels on walls and ceilings, and brass fittings, are just a few of the details that enrich the experience" (OE Website). As a beautifully designed space, it houses an awesome bookstore, a tea company, a coffee bar, a beautiful restaurant and much more. 

Inside of Oxford Exchange, you will find Buddy Brew Coffee which is delicious and roasted locally! Everyone here is so nice and incredibly talented; all of the baristas are consistently pulling great shots and pouring beautiful art for every customer to enjoy.

Many people, including myself, enjoy coming to Oxford Exchange to get a coffee, read the paper and relax on their time off from their busy schedules.  Not only is there a beautiful view wherever you look, its also a very comfortable and cozy spot that makes for a great meeting place, first date, or just sunday morning brunch with some friends.

If you are ever in the Tampa area, I would highly suggest checking this place out. I don't think you will be disappointed. If you are not in the mood for coffee or a nice meal, you could definitely still get a lovely Instagram out of your little trip here. I hope you enjoyed this post, have an incredible Wednesday! 

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